Residential interior design

Residential interior design

Residential interior design

When residential interior design is concerned, you must take into account all those who will use the given interior, either always or only occasionally (friends, family dinners, etc ...). Everyone should have their own space, their place suited to their needs, whether it be the study, kitchen or nursery.

Why is it good to ask an interior design architect or interior designer to do it for you?

There are calculations of how much space an average person needs for, for example, to move around the kitchen, what is the most appropriate height of the work surfaces fit to the individual, how much space should be left for communication between rooms in a flat or house, etc.

An architect or interior designer will see both good and bad sides of the interior, and adapting it to the individual needs, they will turn its flaws into benefits.

Many of you will say - so I guess I know what is best for me?!

It is true that you know what you want, but it is often not easy to achieve it independently. You can easily get lost in the vast range of offers currently present on the market, it is difficult to choose between different styles, price, quality, tailored or serial... Or you spend a lot of time until you come up with what to do, and while circling the showrooms throughout the town trying to get everything that is necessary - either prices change, or range, or fashion, so again we start from scratches ... meanwhile the children have grown and now they want something else than they wanted in the beginning ... This is one of the “worst” case scenarios. It doesn’t have to be exactly like that, but many of you have been in similar situations.

What is it that we offer in the DUT interior - why choose experts and why us?

An interior designer will perceive your space more easily and they may include in their design all your needs, desires, habits, your favorite colors, the style ... and make the best ratio between your needs and your finances. Get the best price-quality ratio, and all in one place. We offer you a complete service. We will do everything, from the the first sketch and 3D visualization, adaptation, if necessary, to equipping your space with custom-made furniture and curtains made exclusively for you. From the selection of colors, sizes, materials, whether it be the kitchen, built- in wardrobes, the living room, bathroom or easy chairs, to the final decorating by curtains, tablecloths, pillows...

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Our cooperation with Dut began by recommendation and continued as we, like many others, became their satisfied customers, having convinced ourselves in their expertise, quality and professionalism. This is extremely important in the business of designing interiors, not only residential but also commercial, in which investors consider the quality of construction and deadlines factors of the utmost importance. For all these reasons, Dut has proven to be an excellent partner, successfully following us architects on the path of realization and materialization of ideas for interior design and I highly recommend them to our clients and investors.

Monika Galović, licensed architect