Residential interior design

Curtains, decorations, wallpapers

Modern, classic, design and sew curtains unique individual approach to each client!

Curtains and drapes always have aesthetic and functional role.

The functional one is easy to determine - protection from the sun, the sight, the sound and thermal insulation.

As for the aesthetic one it is easy to go wrong - that's why we are here to help you do the final phase of the interior design that will give your home a final touch it deserves.

Curtains are similar to hair, it can embellish the entire interior or can do the opposite - to stick out or to be too modest.

To help you make a decision we have a choice of over 6000 patterns of different prices and material composition - made ​​of linen, viscose, silk, cotton...

We have really something for everyone, from style to price range.

There are always in our offer some ready-made curtains, but the point is to make custom-made curtains- designed just for you and interior you furnish.

We'll match them with chair covers, tablecloths or sofas and through them tell the story of your home so that it becomes really a reflection of you - because in such a way you will get the best feeling of what you need from home - a place for relaxation and energy renewal.

Photo Wallpaper and printed curtains

They have entered in grand style...

You can put them on a single wall or a part of it and thereby achieve amazing effects in your space.

You can visually underline, enhance or detach a part of the space you reside in, which will help you feel comfortable.

Modern designs, colors and textures enrich your interior making it more comfortable and warmer place to live in and work.

Applying photo wallpaper in the interior you easily give your touch and evoke a style you like in the space - modern, classic,nature...

Children's rooms are easily converted into the realm of a little prince or princess, your study room can get a modern look, and your bedroom an airy look...

It’s the same for roller blinds or sliding panels.

Choose a picture you like...


Our cooperation with Dut began by recommendation and continued as we, like many others, became their satisfied customers, having convinced ourselves in their expertise, quality and professionalism. This is extremely important in the business of designing interiors, not only residential but also commercial, in which investors consider the quality of construction and deadlines factors of the utmost importance. For all these reasons, Dut has proven to be an excellent partner, successfully following us architects on the path of realization and materialization of ideas for interior design and I highly recommend them to our clients and investors.

Monika Galović, licensed architect