Residential interior design

Custom made furniture

Home should be your oasis, a place to protect you from the outer stress. Decorating it to your own standards we get you feel comfortable, protected and relaxed.

We offer you custom-made furniture, produced exclusively for you, in respect of your habits, lifestyle and colors you like.

With a help of us you can introduce into your home the golden ratio, a perfect composition aspired after along the history in painting, sculpture, architecture as well as in interior design.

You needn't be aware of mathematics to decorate your interior; you should only keep in mind the ratio around 1.62:1. For example, a table surface of 162x100 cm will look well-proportioned, unlike another one made in different ratio. You can look for this ratio when choosing furniture or an object such as a vase or s picture frame and you will notice how the object's aesthetic quality together with surrounding space have been upgraded.

By applying it, the space becomes more comfortable and practical to live in, suited to you not only in terms of your aesthetic standards but also on the basis of its dimensions.

In DUT interiors, you will find all in one place, from kitchen to curtains, matched with a sofa set and chair covers in the dining room.

From the first draft to the turnkey interior design.

We are aware of the fact that there are different types of building and it often happens that a sofa set or a wardrobe you like can't fit to a desired place.

That is why we are here for you– to adapt the furniture you like to your space measures, enrich the space with details such as curtains, tablecloths and all the details for interior decoration which make our homes more lovely, comfortable and modern, and all this at affordable prices...


Our cooperation with Dut began by recommendation and continued as we, like many others, became their satisfied customers, having convinced ourselves in their expertise, quality and professionalism. This is extremely important in the business of designing interiors, not only residential but also commercial, in which investors consider the quality of construction and deadlines factors of the utmost importance. For all these reasons, Dut has proven to be an excellent partner, successfully following us architects on the path of realization and materialization of ideas for interior design and I highly recommend them to our clients and investors.

Monika Galović, licensed architect