Interior Design of Apartments and Hotels

Interior Design, Decoration and Furnishing of Apartments and Hotels

Most people work the whole year-round, and for that reason, they look forward to their vacation. It’s natural that they want the best for themselves. So, when planning an apartment or hotel design, first imagine that you are a guest who will be staying at that holiday apartment or hotel during your deserved vacation and then treat your guest with all those things and experiences that you would choose for your vacation.

Which colours are optimal for curtains and other decorations, which materials are the best choice for bed design, what mattress is the most comfortable, what kind of bedding is the most enjoyable. We believe that thinking this way you will be providing your guests with some unforgettable moments. Thanks to that, your guests will come back and spread the good word about you. It is precisely this approach to decorating that we have in the DUT Interiors. You ask yourself - what do we offer you exactly?

The complete service of interior design, decorating and furnishing by turnkey system - from the first sketch to the 3D visualisation – various kinds of custom-made furniture, including the upholstered furniture; large selection of tables and chairs for the hospitality sector; upholstery fabrics, Efficiency fabrics – easy to clean, artificial leather and leather, indoor and outdoor fabrics; panel curtains, Roman blinds and all kinds of curtain sets, classic style of curtains, non-flammable and ordinary "blackout" curtains, seating bags (bean bags), modular furniture...



Our cooperation with Dut began by recommendation and continued as we, like many others, became their satisfied customers, having convinced ourselves in their expertise, quality and professionalism. This is extremely important in the business of designing interiors, not only residential but also commercial, in which investors consider the quality of construction and deadlines factors of the utmost importance. For all these reasons, Dut has proven to be an excellent partner, successfully following us architects on the path of realization and materialization of ideas for interior design and I highly recommend them to our clients and investors.

Monika Galović, licensed architect